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December 2018 Family Safety Matters





Student-Handbook 2018-19




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2018-19 School Theme!




Three Chopt Elementary School Traffic Safety Plan and Map

HCPS Strategic Plan

Come hear an education visionary and help Henrico Schools chart a course for the future

Henrico County Public Schools is creating a new strategic plan for 2018-25 and we want you to help create this guiding document! Come kick off the process with a talk by education guru David Stephen, co-founder of Boston-based New Vista Designs for Learning. Stephen’s cutting-edge work in curricula, programming and school design is informed by this essential question: How can the design of school programs and buildings best support the changing needs of 21st century students and teachers? His 45-minute speech will align with one of Henrico Schools’ four cornerstones (“Academic Progress”) and will be followed by a question period.

Nov. 8 at 6:30 p.m. (Hungary Creek Middle School, 4909 Francistown Road)

You are also invited to give us your thoughts on the new strategic plan by completing a short online survey or applying for a steering committee of 15-20 people. Look for other ways to get involved throughout the school year.





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