Counselor’s Corner

Three Chopt…We Bee-Long Together



Meet Your School Counselor:

As we begin another school year, we Bee-Long Together and I am looking forward to another great year with your children.  Our themes for the year will focus on a positive growth mindset and how we achieve a different way of looking at challenges. When children are positive and feel good about their strengths, their self-esteem soars. High self-esteem equals less bullying!  We will address our anti-bullying policy here at Three Chopt and how to keep bullying from entering our classrooms, playground, and lunchroom.

My name is Beth Valenta and I have been here at Three Chopt for the past 17 years.  I taught for 19 years before switching careers to become your school counselor. I am a native to Richmond and attended all Henrico County Public Schools.  I have one daughter, Ally, who just graduated and is now a social worker at Bon Secours. Proud Momma moment! I had a summer filled with games, NYC, and of course watching my beloved Red Sox play.

Classroom Guidance

I teach a series of classroom guidance lessons to grades K-3 and one 4th  at Three Chopt Elementary.  These lessons are developmentally appropriate for each grade level, and are generally preventative in nature.  My goal is to help answer students with the self- knowledge, coping, and life skills that will enable them to become self-directed learners, clear and effective communicators, collaborative workers, creative problem solvers, and involved responsible citizens now, and in the future.  Please look for monthly updates that will come home with each child and under the counselor corner on our school website announcing our theme for the month and lessons covered. This year I will be seeing your child EVERY WEEK! I am simply thrilled.

Group Counseling

Group counseling will be offered throughout the year for a range of topics.  A group counseling session consists of 4-6 children of the same age range dealing with a common issue that may be impeding their academic achievement, ie. self-esteem. It is often comforting for a student to work with peers in a small group setting to discuss similar concerns or brush up on various skills.  Group members are selected by parents, teacher, or self-referral.  The groups that will be offered this year are: Anger Management (K-5),  Friendship (K-5), Self-Esteem (K-5), Loss/Grief (as needed), Anxiety (K-5), Stressbusters (3-5) and various LUNCH BUNCH times as needs arise. I will be offering groups each day from 1:30-2:00 pm. Due to the overwhelming response for basic Study Skills, I will be teaching this to the class as a whole in September and October and work with others individually.

A letter about groups will be sent home with each child in September, with a form for you to request a group for your child if needed.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is offered throughout the school year to those students who are struggling and need a little extra attention.  As with everything else in the counseling program, individual counseling does have an educational base and a limited scope and duration. Parents are informed of the sessions, parental permission is requested, and parental reinforcement of concepts introduced in counseling sessions is encouraged. (This does not include a one -time visit).


  1. Consultation with parents and/or teachers to discuss problems which might be interfering with academic achievement and to plan strategies for successful learning.
  2. Parenting Workshops/Coffees will be held in the fall and in the spring to address topics of interest to our Three Chopt Parents. I welcome your ideas!
  3. Friendly Helper Program is for selected 5th These students have been trained to be special helpers around the school.  They serve as mentors for new students, and receive training in effective communication skills.
  4. Career Day will be held in June and focus on students interests in the world of work and introduce them to the many occupations available for consideration as a career choice.
  5. Lunch Bunch and Morning Meetings will be offered to discuss any concerns as they arise. I being with my 4th grade Zone Center to help them transition into Three Chopt and make new friends.

Counseling Techniques

Counseling techniques used in the classroom, individual, and group counseling include:  role-playing, art media, books/stories, games relevant to the counseling topic, puppets, homework assignments, and videos/power point presentations.

Please know that I am here to help you and your child have a successful year.  Look for me on the Primary Hall this year and on my Counselor Corner on the school website for any upcoming workshops, announcements, and our character theme of the month! My September theme is Bee YOURSELF


Looking forward a BEE-AUTIFUL year!

Mrs. Beth Valenta


Christmas Mother (If you have any further questions or need a form sent to you, please contact Mrs. Valenta, School Counselor, at